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Zhejiang Fuda Security Door Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of doors located in Yongkang City of Hanghzhou Province. Founded in 2002, Fuda carries out thorough research and development, production, and service for high quality doors made in a variety of styles and materials. Fuda is the holder of over 10 patents for door styles and we are at the forefront of the security door industry. Our doors are processed using highly advanced production equipment to optimize manufacturing precision and efficiency. Our doors are designed for safety and security and we work extremely hard to ensure they deliver on those aspects. Contact us if you would like to learn more about Fuda and our outstanding selection of doors. Details

The door panels of Fuda doors can be made from a choice of cast aluminum plate, zinc iron alloy plate, cold rolled steel plate, 304 stainless steel plate, copper plate, galvanized plate and many other materials. Different metals deliver certain characteristics that make them suitable for various applications.


Fuda will conduct targeted sampling tests on the safety performance of the doors regularly. Tests include: anti-pry test, anti-theft test, anti-collision test.

  • Anti-pry testAbstract: using Φ 40 steel pipe and Φ 20 crowbar, the door is not pried open in 20 minutes.
  • Anti-theft testAbstract: conduct security test by methods like drilling, cutting, saw, chisel, pry, pick, tear and others.
  • Anti-collision testAbstract: the beam of the hanger is connected with a 1500mm long rope, and a 30kg ball sandbag is used as a suspension.